Jetstream® is excited to introduce the VertiDrive Handy, M3 Robot and M4 Robot. Remove scale, rust, paint and other coatings vertically, horizontally or overhead with these magnetic innovative tools.

All of our systems are designed to meet the challenges of steel surface preparation.  Our robots enable shipyards, off shore and petrochemical industry to clean or blast steel surfaces, faster, safer, environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than possible with grit or manual UHP blasting while allowing other trades to simultaneously perform other maintenance procedures.

VertiDrive M4.1 Robot 

• Self-rotating nozzle bar with 16 nozzles

• Designed to carry out closed hydroblast operations on vertical, horizontal or overhead steel surfaces

• User-friendly wireless remote

• Fast, efficient removal of paint and rust

VertiDrive M3 Robot 

• Fast and efficient dirt removal and/or marine growth

• Increased productivity, reduced maintenance cost

VertiDrive Handy Mower 

• Self rotating nozzle bar with saphire 8 nozzles

• Easy operation through the handle

• Back pressure absorbed through the magnetic drive

   VertidriveVidButton Watch the VertiDrive M3 in Action!
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