Gerotto Lombrico mini excavator attachment available for industrial vacuum trucks


LEEDS, Ala. (Feb. 7, 2017) FS Solutions has announced a distribution partnership with

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. of Italy. Under the terms of the agreement, the Gerotto Lombrico remote-controlled mini excavator will be sold and supported by FS Solutions in the United States, and by Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE), a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corporation, in Canada.


“We are pleased to work with Gerotto Federico S.r.l. to launch the Gerotto Lombrico in the North American market,” said Craig Aspinall, general manager, FS Solutions. “The robotic attachment’s ability to remotely control the end of the vacuum hose on an industrial vacuum truck provides access to tight locations that may be difficult to reach using traditional methods.”


Ideal for confined spaces and no man entry in such environments as steel plants, refineries and mining operations, the track-driven Lombrico mini excavator can be used to vacuum settled material in sewage pipelines, manifolds and tunnels larger than 2.6 feet (80 cm) in diameter. Equipped with a suction tube, the double-tracked mini excavator is hydraulically driven from the vacuum truck’s hydraulic circuit or a power pack, and controlled through a hydraulic manual manifold. The Gerotto Lombrico includes customizable head configurations for a variety of applications.

“The radio-controlled Gerotto Lombrico mini excavator distances the vacuum truck operator from the powerful vacuum system, limiting the operator’s exposure to tight spaces and potentially hazardous materials, and increasing productivity and jobsite safety,” Aspinall said.

The Gerotto Lombrico mini excavator will be available exclusively through FS Solutions’ 12 locations in the United States, and through JJE’s eight locations in Canada.


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About Gerotto Federico S.r.l.

Based in Padova, Italy, Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has more than 50 years of experience in road and bridge construction, earthmoving, excavation, utility construction and maintenance, and environmental remediation. The company is a pioneer of hands-free vacuum control technology for use in industrial and environmental cleaning.