Jetstream 40th Anniversary

Jetstream Celebrates 40th Anniversary

HOUSTON, (July 21, 2016) – This year, Jetstream of Houston, LLP proudly celebrates 40 years of providing customers around the world with a broad range of high-pressure waterblasting equipment, skid- and trailer-mounted pump units, control guns, valves, hoses, replacement parts and nozzles.

“To do anything successfully for 40 years is a significant milestone,” said Bill Krupowicz, vice president of Federal Signal’s Environmental Solutions Group and general manager of Jetstream. “I especially want to thank our employees for all their support through the years. Their passion and dedication has always been a key factor in our success and it shows in their commitment to delivering superior products, services and solutions to our customers.”

A history of innovation
Originally founded in 1976 in Houston, Texas, with the mission of manufacturing higher quality pump parts, Jetstream has introduced many innovative products over the years.

In 1982, Jetstream manufactured its first proprietary product, a waterblasting gun that introduced Jetstream’s foundational design elements using cartridge technology to maximize operator effectiveness and minimize maintenance downtime. During the mid-1980’s, Jetstream relocated to a facility on Cranswick Road in Houston, where the company grew its product offerings to include fluid ends, assemblies and full pumps. In 1987, the company produced its first 10,000 psi fluid end, followed by a 20,000 psi fluid end and full pump in 1989.
In the early 1990’s, Jetstream introduced the 10,000 psi and 20,000 psi waterblasting units. Listening to input from customers demanding products with higher water working pressures, Jetstream introduced the 40,000 psi product line in 1998.

Jetstream was purchased by Federal Signal Corporation in 1999, enabling Jetstream to grow whole goods sales domestically in the United States, while further developing the company’s international markets. In 2002, Jetstream established its first distributor in the Middle East, followed soon by its first distributor in the United Kingdom in 2004. Today, Jetstream has distribution partners in six continents.

In 2009, in response to tremendous growth and an expanding customer base, Jetstream moved to its current location on Thomas Road in Houston, four miles west of their previous facility on Cranswick. The current Jetstream location has two buildings, totaling 55,000 square feet, with additional space to expand.

Most recently, the company introduced the Jetstream® TwinForce™ dual pump waterblast system and the Jetstream® Orbi-Jet™ X22 rotary nozzle. The TwinForce system is designed for high-flow applications including industrial cleaning, surface preparation and hydro-demolition. The Orbi-Jet rotary nozzle, rated for pressures up to 22,000 psi, is designed for surface cleaning operations.

Through FS Solutions, Jetstream parts, accessories and rentals are also now available at 12 rental locations across the United States. These FS Solutions rental centers also provide industrial cleaning customers with equipment evaluations, expert recommendations and solutions, and waterblasting safety training.

“As we honor Jetstream’s successful past, we also plan on creating a bright future,” Krupowicz said. “We are building upon our heritage of expertise and innovation, developing new products to maintain our leadership position in the waterblasting marketplace. We will continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, as well as grow our international presence and our rental location footprint in North America.”