X22 Nozzle

Jetstream Introduces Orbi-Jet™ X22 Rotary Nozzle

Nozzle provides widest cleaning path in the industry

HOUSTON, (March 16, 2016) – Jetstream of Houston, LLP, a leading manufacturer of industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment, parts and accessories, has introduced the Jetstream® Orbi-Jet™ X22 rotary nozzle for surface cleaning operations. This rugged, self-rotating nozzle is rated for pressures up to 22,000 psi.

“When your job requires effective cleaning, the Jetstream Orbi-Jet X22 gets the job done and delivers unmatched coverage and cleaning ability,” said Lena Stoots, product manager at Jetstream. “The compound angles of the four jets allow the nozzle to provide the widest cleaning path in the industry, making surface cleaning simpler and safer for our industrial cleaning customers. Each of the four rotating jets follows a different cleaning path to provide greater coverage and less streaking than a fan tip or single straight nozzle. Two jets can be used for a narrow path, and the other two jets can be used for a wide path. All four jets can be combined for a complete clean.”

The nozzle features a lightweight Twis-Lok shroud that ensures safer water displacement and protects the nozzle from damage during operation. A magnetic braking system controls rotational speed for minimal wear and maximum impact without streaking. The nozzle is safety colored for pressure recognition.

As a total solutions provider, Jetstream offers a premium kit that includes the Orbi-Jet X22, an optional 15,000-psi adapter, a 50-hour maintenance kit, a secondary rebuild kit and tools for greater ease of maintenance and longer run times. “The rebuild of the Orbi-Jet X22 – a five-minute seal change, and a seven-minute rebuild – is much faster than competitive nozzles,” Stoots said.

Jetstream parts, accessories and rentals are available through FS Solutions, with 12 convenient locations in the United States. FS Solutions’ rental centers also provide industrial cleaning customers with equipment evaluations, expert recommendations and solutions and waterblasting safety training.

Both Jetstream and FS Solutions offer the Orbi-Jet X22 nozzle, in addition to selling, leasing and renting a full range of 10,000 to 40,000 psi waterblasting solutions, including automated and robotic tools and accessories.

For more information on the Jetstream Orbi-Jet X22 nozzle, please contact Jetstream at 1-800/231-8192, or visit www.waterblast.com.