QuadraBlast Control GunHOUSTON, (Aug. 5, 2014) – Jetstream of Houston, LLP, a leading manufacturer of industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment, parts and accessories, has introduced the Jetstream QuadraBlast™ 40,000 psi air-powered waterblast control gun for surface cleaning and coating removal. Featuring a simplified rigid lance construction, the light-weight control gun is easy to operate and maintain. The telescopic shoulder stock, spring-loaded trigger safety and remote-style dump cartridge enhances operator safety and limits exposure to hazardous conditions.

"Surface cleaning can be a very dangerous and time-consuming job, especially when working with pressures of 40,000 psi," said Anthony Washington, Product Manager at Jetstream. "The QuadraBlast is designed to provide a high level of operator productivity and safety on the job, while also allowing multiple gun operations."

Available with a single-trigger configuration – weighing 13 lbs. (5.9 kg) – or a dual-trigger configuration – weighing 16 lbs. (7.25 kg) – the durable control gun features a 32-in. (813 mm) stainless steel lance barrel and a ¼-in. (6.35 mm) nylon tubing air hose. For best results, the control gun can be combined with the optional StoneAge® 40K Barracuda self-rotating nozzle and the optional Jetstream tumble box Multi-Mode valve.

"The QuadraBlast will last longer than other 40,000 psi air spinning guns," Washington said. "The gun provides 40,000 psi surface preparation via a self-propelled rotating nozzle which eliminates the need for an external air driver. All portions of the gun body remain stationary, so there are fewer moving parts requiring maintenance or replacement."

The Jetstream QuadraBlast control gun is available through a network of Jetstream dealers worldwide, as well as nine FS Solutions locations across the United States. With nearly 100 years of collective experience in industrial vacuum loading, sewer and catch basin cleaning, vacuum excavation and industrial high-pressure waterblasting, FS Solutions offers unsurpassed expertise and a unique breadth of product lines and trusted brands to meet the needs of industrial cleaning contractors and other industry professionals.

QuadraBlast Control Gun 2Jetstream manufactures industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment operated at pressures up to 40,000 psi for a wide range of applications, including industrial cleaning and surface preparation. Backed by strong after sales service and support, Jetstream product offerings include a complete line of skid- and trailer-mounted pump units, control guns, valves, hoses, replacement parts and nozzles.

For more information about the Jetstream QuadraBlast 40,000 psi air-powered waterblast control gun, please call 800/231-8192, or visit www.waterblast.com.