Jetstream Updates Tube Spinner Nozzles

HOUSTON, (Dec. 8, 2016) – Jetstream of Houston, LLP, a leading manufacturer of industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment, parts and accessories, has added new features to the Jetstream® Tube Spinner nozzles designed to clean and polish small tube walls. In production for more than 25 years, the rugged Tube Spinner nozzles, rated for pressures up to 22,000 psi, feature specially coated shafts and hardened, stainless steel sleeves with two rotating jets.

“While the Jetstream Tube Spinner nozzles have been a staple in industrial cleaning for many years, we are continuously working to improve performance, while developing new, innovative tools for our customers,” said Lena Stoots, product manager at Jetstream. “The innovative sleeve design on the nozzles features a patent-pending trash exclusion feature that delivers maximum reliability and reduced maintenance. When your job requires thorough cleaning, the Jetstream Tube Spinner nozzles get the job done and deliver unmatched cleaning ability.”

Wrench flats permit the Tube Spinner nozzles to be quickly and easily attached and detached from hose fittings. Extra sleeves are available for multiple flows. Larger flow sleeves are now available on the 3/8-in NPT and 1/2-in NPT nozzles.


Nozzle tips, thrusters

For added versatility, many different tube cleaning nozzles are available, including the 15,000 psi FP, FPC, E, EX FPT, FM and FB Nozzle Series and the 20,000 psi HPF and HPE Nozzle Series. Additional nozzles include the 15,000 psi thruster nozzles to provide thrust for pulling through tubes.  

These heat-treated, stainless steel nozzles feature recessed orifices for protection from surface abrasion or damage by wrenches.  Jetstream parts, accessories and rentals are available through 12 FS Solutions locations in the United States. FS Solutions’ rental centers also provide industrial cleaning customers with equipment evaluations, expert recommendations and solutions and waterblasting safety training.  

Both Jetstream and FS Solutions offer the Tube Spinner nozzles, in addition to selling, leasing and renting a full range of 10,000 to 40,000 psi waterblasting solutions, including automated and robotic tools and accessories.  

For more information on the Jetstream Tube Spinner nozzles, please contact Jetstream at 1-800/231-8192, or visit


Editor’s note: High-resolution versions of the photos are available for download here.