Backout Preventer - 2"-6" (50-150mm) Pipes

Part No: JS-BJ305

Prevents nozzle from exiting pipe. Handles hoses with O.D. from 3/8 to 9/16 in. (10 - 14 mm).

Tube or Pipe I.D. (in) 2 to 6
Tube or Pipe I.D. (mm) 50 to 150
Minimum Hose O.D. (in) 0.375
Minimum Hose O.D. (mm) 9.5
Maximum Hose O.D. (in) 0.56
Maximum Hose O.D. (mm) 14.2
Brand Stoneage

Backout Preventer - 4"-8" (100-200mm) Pipes

Prevents nozzle from exiting pipe. Includes clamp for securing backout preventer to pipe. Diameter of nozzle must be at least 1-1/2 in. (38 mm)

Flex Lance Safety Grip Set

Held against tube opening to prevent an operator from being exposed to waterjets. Includes three stop sizes to work most common flex lance sizes.