Visual Safety System

Protect your workers and the Waterblasting equipment with Jetstream’s Visual Safety System. 

Ensuring the operator is using the correct equipment is now identifiable from a distance. Jetstream’s Visual Safety System uses highly visible and color-matched decals and additional makers to clearly show waterblast components in use are correctly and safely suited to current pump pressures. 

VSS Poster

Jetstream is now following the WJTA recommended colors to visually identify the pressure being used on a job site:

10,000 psi – YELLOW
15,000 psi – GREEN
20,000 psi – BLUE
40,000 psi – ORANGE


FlexLance Poster

Conversion Poster

Hoses and Lances – Identifying a pressure of a supply hose and lance will now be easy. Supply hoses with the abrasion cover spiral will be orange. All flex lances supplied by Jetstream are yellow (10,000 psi), green (15,000 psi) blue (20,000 psi) or orange (40,000 psi) from end to end.

Fittings – Several adapters, couplings and connectors are now available with green, blue, and orange coating. Additional fittings can be color-coded upon request. (Yellow is only available upon request and review.)

Guns – Currently, hand-held guns can be ordered with or without the color-coding. The pressure color will be located on the front barrel and the handle. This soon will become the standard.

Foot Guns – Jetstream foot guns are powder-coated in the three standard colors (green, blue and orange). They can also be colored yellow upon request.

Visual Safety System Decals are highly visible and brightly colored to provide operators and supervisors with visual confirmation that all waterblast components, not colored, are appropriately matched to pressure ratings.