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20K Shut-In Air-Operated Diverter Valve - 20K Port Female (No Base)

The Air-Operated Diverter Valve allows an operator to remotely control pressure in 20,000 psi cleaning applications. When air is sent to the cylinder, the valve closes and allows the system to build pressure. The valve opens when the air is released, reducing system pressure to drop to near atmospheric. It is especially useful in automated cleaning processes or to reduce operator fatigue by actuating the system pneumatically rather than mechanically.

  • 30 second field replaceable cartridge design for minimal downtime.
  • Remote pneumatic operation for reduced operator fatigue and added convenience and safety.
  • Specially designed inlet and outlet connections are superior to industry standard connections and use a replaceable seal rather than metal to metal contact.
  • Heavy duty air cylinder.
  • All pressure-bearing components are stainless steel.


Part Number: J55868
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Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) Maximum Flow (gpm) Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) Maximum Flow (l/min) Inlet Connection Outlet Connection Mounting Style Air Inlet Connection Minimum Inlet Air Pressure (psi) Maximum Inlet Air Pressure (psi) Minimum Inlet Air Pressure (bar) Maximum Inlet Air Pressure (bar) Height (in) Width (in) Depth (in) Weight (lbs) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Brand
15000 35 1000 130 1/2"NPT Female 1/2"NPT Female Pump Mounted 1/8"NPT Female 70 125 4.8 8.6 3.3 3.1 6.1 6.4 85 79 154 2.9 Jetstream
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