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22K Air-Operated Regulator

The 22K Air-Operated Regulator maintains constant system pressure when operating one or more guns or tools in a shut-in system. After supplying it with a source of regulated low-pressure air, it will automatically adjust its bypass flow to maintain a constant system pressure. This system pressure will be maintained even through changes in the operation of the guns or tools, nozzle wear, or changes in engine speed. Once supplied with an initial charge of air, the regulator does not consume any air during operation. Because of this, a very small compressor can be used.

Features of the 22K Air-Operated Regulator include:

  • High-strength ceramic valve components for long life and low maintenance.
  • High flow capacity (up to 60 gpm).
  • Outstanding control properties.
  • Can be retrofitted to any unit.


Part Number: 67158
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Model Name Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) Minimum Operating Pressure (psi) Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) Minimum Operating Pressure (bar) Maximum Flow (gpm) Maximum Flow (l/min) Connection Number of Outlets Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Height (in) Height (mm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)
22K Air-Operated Regulator 22.000 6,000 1,517 414 60 227 3/4" MP AE Female 2 11.9 303 30.8 782 80 36.3
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