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20K Bypass Valve - Pump Mount

A bypass valve diverts a portion of pump flow to a low-pressure outlet and is used on diesel and electric units. For diesel engines, it is used to prevent bogging the engine when using flows at the low end of the pump’s capability. A bypass valve is required on electric units due to the non-adjustability of motor speed.

  • Two minute field-replaceable cartridge design for minimal downtime.
  • Hand adjustment—no wrench needed.
  • Pump mount model connects to fluid end manifold.
  • Base mount model connects in-line downstream and includes a protective cage and a pressure gauge for remote adjustment.
  • All pressure-bearing components precision machined from stainless steel.
  • Specially designed inlet connections are superior to industry standard connections and use a replaceable seal rather than metal to metal contact.


Part Number: 54592
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Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) Inlet Connection Low Pressure Outlet Connection Mounting Style Gauge Port Connection Diameter (in) Length (in) Weight (lbs) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kg) Brand
20000 1400 20K Port Female 1/2"NPT Female Pump Mounted 20K Port Female 3.5 7.9 11 89 200 5 Jetstream
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