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Jetstream Announcement: Pipe Plug Replacement

Friday, May 21, 2021

This bulletin contains important safety information regarding the use of Jetstream products. Please ensure that anyone in your organization who uses or works on water blasting equipment is aware of information in this bulletin.

Jetstream has discovered that a threaded pipe plug supplied to Jetstream does not have a pressure rating appropriate for use in certain Jetstream products and applications. This threaded pipe plug is a ½” NPT carbon steel pipe plug with a pressure rating of 6,000 psi. This plug is identified as part number 26115 in Jetstream’s product catalog, as listed at See picture of plug in Figure 1 below. notice


Figure 1: New plug

This pipe plug may be installed in the side of the 15,000 psi bypass valve body on Jetstream pumps. See Figure 2. Note red arrow indicating plug location. Jetstream has received information which suggests that this plug, when used in bypass valves, may corrode to the point of failure. See Figure 3 below. If the plug fails, it may be ejected from the bypass valve and create a risk of injury or property damage. 

Figure 2: 15K Bypass Valve with ½” Pipe Plug installed

Figure 3: Corroded ½” NPT Pipe Plug PN 26115

According to our records, this plug and/or assemblies that include this plug could be in your possession. It may be used in 15,000 psi MGV’s (Figure 4) and 15,000 psi regulators (Figure 5) as well as 15,000 psi bypass valves. Please check your equipment inventory. If this plug is present in MGV’s, regulators, or bypass valves in your possession, remove the existing plug immediately and install the enclosed replacement plug PN 68530 to complete the repair.


Figure 4: MGV Figure 5: Regulator

Jetstream has also determined that certain other plugs supplied by Jetstream are not properly rated for 15,000 psi applications. Listed below are the descriptions and part numbers for the plugs. Please replace any of these plugs that may be present in your equipment. Please ensure that any plugs or other accessories used with your water blasting equipment always have appropriate pressure ratings for their application.

If you need additional replacement plugs or assistance with removal and replacement, please contact Jetstream at 1 800 231 8192.



Previous PN        Description                 Replacement PN

28602                   1” NPT                          28602

26147                   ¾” NPT                         26147

25174                   ½” NPT                         25174

26148                   ” NPT                            68544

26149                   ¼” NPT                         68543

25120                   1/8” NPT                       68542



Previous PN        Description                 Replacement PN

26164                   ¾” NPT                         68531

26115                   ½” NPT                         68530

26077                   3/8” NPT                       68529

25392                   ¼” NPT                         64682

26170                   1/8” NPT                       68528

25395                   1/16” NPT                     68527


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8/2/2021 11:45 PM
Were these sent out generally?

Received one today at our company but noone seems to know anything about it. Was this just sent out generally?