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In order to ensure customer satisfaction, Jetstream has developed the Right Start program, a four-step plan designed to provide the owners and operators of new Jetstream waterblast units with the knowledge and support needed to feel familiar, confident, and satisfied with Jetstream equipment and personnel.


Once a new waterblaster is built and thoroughly tested, the Shipping Manager contacts the new owner to arrange for the unit’s arrival to the right place at the right time.


All new waterblasters include personal training by the Right Start Technician. Training involves both classroom and "hands-on" instruction to make sure that each operator is thoroughly familiar with the design and function of the unit and accessories, enabling him to safely put the new equipment to optimal use.


Within thirty days of delivery, and again within sixty days, the Solutions Provider will call to answer any questions and ensure complete satisfaction.


If any questions or problems ever arise, the Jetstream team is available and committed to providing prompt answers and solutions.