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Lightweight Unloader Valve

The Jetstream 40,000 psi Lightweight Unloader Valve is an air-actuated high pressure control valve for use in conjunction with the Jetstream Tornado or Quadrablast guns. The valve controls the flow of the air and high pressure water to the gun or other appropriate device. It does not include the air preparation unit found on the Tumble Box Unloader Valve. When the gun is not engaged, the valve unloads, or "dumps" the water through a low-pressure outlet to relieve the system of high pressure.

It is designed for single gun operation and utilizes the patented Jetstream C-Series cartridge, which allows the valve to be completely rebuilt in the field in less than one minute.

Rated for 40,000 psi (2,758 bar) maximum operating pressure, the control valve features Jetstream proprietary connections specifically designed to resist wear and leakage at extreme pressures. Adapters are included to connect high pressure hoses featuring the Type M connection. High-Pressure adapters are also available (see Fittings, Section E).

  • 30 second field replaceable cartridge design for minimal downtime.
  • Cartridge valve and seat machined from hardened stainless steel and coated for longer wear life.
  • Cartridge is hydraulically biased to ensure positive disengagement, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Air supply pressure regulated to actuation cylinder; this
    constant pressure eliminates damage to valve caused by
    excessive activation forces.
  • Custom designed actuation air cylinder for durability under
    severe conditions.
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use and transportation.


Part Number: 64996
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