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Increase productivity and uptime while decreasing costs and downtime

Enroll your maintenance personnel, operators and supervisors in Jetstream’s Pump Operation and Maintenance training today! This in-depth, real world application course covers the safe operation, maintenance, basic and advanced troubleshooting, and safety issues of the various areas of Jetstream equipment.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Safe waterblast operation
  • Unit maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Physical application and related safety issues
  • Safe pump operation
  • Pump maintenance
  • The UNx™ System (10k, 20k and 40k)
  • Swapping fluid ends
  • Waterblast guns
  • Pedals and accessories
  • Uni-valves
  • Proper packing, disassembly, repair and re-lapping
  • Hoses, lances, nozzles
  • Recommended spare parts
  • Preventative maintenance and winterization

This course combines extensive hands-on training with classroom instruction and is recommended for maintenance personnel, supervisors and operators. Classes will be tailored towards the objectives of those in attendance.

This class is held at the Jetstream Manufacturing Training Center in Houston, Texas. Arrangements can be made to have the class taught at a suitably equipped customer site.

Course outline

Uni-valve assembly and maintenance (10k and 40k)

A review of recommended maintenance program and parts required to perform this service.

Fluid end assembly and maintenance

Participants will get a review of the complete assembly of all components installed on a fluid end, including the stuffing box assembly. This session includes a discussion of components and the importance of maintenance for each component.

Pump assembly and maintenance

Participants will receive hands-on, practical application on how to complete the assembly and disassembly of the Jetstream 3000, 3600, and 4200 pumps.

Tornado system assembly and maintenance

Participants will receive hands-on review and practice of assembly and maintenance of the Tornado gun, as well as proper maintenance and operation of the bi-mode valve assembly.

Jetstream preventive maintenance program

Participants will receive an in-depth review of required daily checklist to be performed prior to each shift change. This session also covers the recommended Jetstream unit maintenance and service.

Application training

  • One-on-one training with operators performing the water blast work
  • Identifying the job description – what the customer is cleaning and the material to be removed
  • Advice on proper equipment to perform the required work – what size pump, tools, nozzle type, pressure and flow
  • Review of most cost-effective tools to increase productivity and decrease downtime

For pricing and class availability contact:

Jetstream Customer Service