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Sonetics® APX379 Headset - Wireless DECT7 with Bluetooth and Advanced Hearing Protection

The APX379 adds Bluetooth™ wireless technology to the features included on the APX377. Pair your mobile phone to make phone calls, listen to music or connect with your enterprise Bluetooth enabled device, all while providing advanced hearing protection. Independently adjustable volume levels for listen-through and ear dome speakers allow you to control what you hear. With wireless DECT7, wireless Bluetooth, wired portable two-way radio connectivity, and an integrated personal sound dosimeter, this headset provides unparalleled features and safety. Watertight and verified and validated to perform in extreme environments, the APX379 protects your hearing while you get the job done.

– Team and Enterprise Wireless DECT7
– Wireless Bluetooth to your cell phone or enterprise device
– PR-Adapter to any portable two-way-radio
– Stereo Listen-Through with users not on the same network

Stereo Listen-Through – The most common issue with hearing protection is the isolation users feel when wearing them. We added Stereo Listen-Through to all of our Apex 3-Series headsets for critical situational awareness.
24dB NRR – With 24dB of certified NRR protection, our headsets are ready to go where you need to be.
Personal Sound Dosimeter – Hearing protection is nothing if it’s just a guess. This is why we added a personal sound dosimeter to every Apex 3-Series headset. Know you are wearing the headset correctly and have the protection.
Active Sound Management – We manage sounds from all communication sources to ensure optimal clarity and protection. This is done with the noise canceling and auto-leveling microphone, automatic loud noise suppression, and personal sound dosimeter with automatic input gain adjustments.

We know your job may take you anywhere, so we designed our headset to go anywhere you do.
Marine – Sealed against salt spray and moisture.
Winter – Operation down to -22°F (-30°C).
Summer – Operation up to 158°F (70°C).
Accident – Drop tested to 13 feet (4m).
Cleanliness – Easy to clean surfaces.

Apex 3-Series Wireless Headsets
  • Continuous, full-duplex communication for up to 10 team members
  • Broadcast mode available for up to 100 team members
  • Hands-free, wireless operation
  • 1,600-foot line-of-sight range
  • 1.9 GHz DECT7 technology for crystal clear communication
  • Completely wireless and antenna-free: No external antennas to break, snag, or replace
  • Stereo Listen-Through microphones
  • Wired Radio aux input
  • Wireless Bluetooth option
  • 24dB noise reduction rating
  • IP-66 rated; Dust tight and sealed against salt spray and moisture
  • Battery life: 24-hour continuous operation battery with 4-hour charge time
  • ComLeather & PVC ear seals provide hours of comfortable wear
  • Fully encrypted for secure communication
  • Audible and visual 2-stage low battery warning
  • Audible out-of-range warning
  • Programmable microphone gain to adjust for external noise
  • Noise-cancelling electret microphone for optimal clarity


Manufacturer: Sonetics®
Part Number: 65911
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