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Do you need to prepare or clean a hard surface, such as asphalt, concrete, or metal? Water blasting is a solution that allows the integrity of the surface to be unfazed by high-pressure water cleaning. The use of high-pressure water blasting for surface prep and surface cleaning can eliminate rust, old coatings, product residue or even damaged concrete prior to re-pouring. In addition, water jetting can provide a revitalized surface, making it possible for new coatings to adhere without old particles impeding the surface area.

That's why more and more contractors are turning to Jetstream for our advanced water blasting equipment and solutions.


Industry Primary Use Pressures (psi)
Airport Preferred method for removing tire rubber, oils, and line striping from airfields  5,000 to 40,000 
Automotive Removal of paint and coatings built upon carriers, conveyors, grating, and related machinery at paint facilities 10,000 to 40,000
Marine Removal of marine growth and paint from private ships, commercial vessels, and military frigates before new layers of friction-reducing and protective coatings are applied 15,000 to 40,000
Pool Resurfacing Removal of various layers of old or delaminated plaster to create an ideal profile for new coatings adhesion 40,000



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Available for Rent or Purchase

Jetstream's innovative tools can be paired with our water blasting units for easy maintenance and reliable operation. Any of our products are available for rent or purchase through our FS Solution rental centers located across North America. 
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Jetstream offers a wide variety of surface prep tools and equipment, including:

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Orbi-Jet™ X15
Orbi-Jet™ X22
MagJet® X40

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