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Tongjie T-Series UNx™ Fluid End Upgrade - #7 Plungers

Increase productivity and reduce operating cost with a UNx™ Fluid End Upgrade. Designed to fit Tongjie® T-Series pumps.

Plunger No. 7
Plunger Diameter .670 in (17.02 mm)
Top Port Connections 40K Port Female
Discharge Port Connections 40K Port Female
Flow at Specified Speeds
200 RPM 4.1 gpm (16 lpm)
300 RPM 6.2 gpm (23 lpm)
400 RPM 8.2 gpm (31 lpm)
500 RPM 10.3 gpm (39 lpm)
Maximum Operating Pressure 40,000 psi (2758 bar)


*Displacement (flow) values represented refer to "theoretical" flow, neglecting inefficiency resulting compressibility of water and expansion of pressure-bearing components. Performance data is based on power end specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer; however, some power ends may differ those used to determine the values above. Contact a Jetstream Solutions Provider for help with fluid end selection.

Part Number: 66313
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