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VertiDrive M8

The VertiDrive M8 provides the user with the most autonomous solution.  

It is designed to eliminate the challenges in cleaning ship cargo holds.  

A creation to easily clean cargo holds of dry and liquid bulk carriers when changing cargo. The M8 crawler reduces cleaning time, increases safety, reduces risk and allows the operator to clean in transit.  

The M8 is packed with the latest VertiDrive innovations, yet designed and tested to operate in the most demanding environments. The controls are designed to be intuitive for operation by a crew not necessarily experienced to work with (semi-) automated equipment. 

As the world's leading manufacturer of magnetic robotic crawlers for heavy duty applications, VertiDrive has applied their years of experience into the development of the VertiDrive M8 Cargo Hold Cleaner, the most advanced robotic cleaner in the market.  

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