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Protect your investment through cold weather by winterizing your Jetstream high-pressure water blasting equipment. Severe damage can result if your unit is not protected from freezing conditions. The stuffing boxes hold water that can freeze causing damage to the stuffing boxes, uni-valves, plungers, and manifold.

To prevent freezing, drain the water from all the hoses, charge pump and tanks, and add anti-freeze to the stuffing boxes. The following steps should be taken if the unit is to be idle for any period of time to prevent freezing in the pump or piping.


1. Drain the water from the tank.

2. Disconnect the water supply suction line and high-pressure discharge hose from the manifold.

3. Drain the manifold of water and close the drain.

4. Assemble pipe fittings into a funnel assembly as shown below.


5. Install the assembly on the suction side of the manifold. 

6. Pour a glycol-based anti-freeze solution into the funnel (see image below). Approximately 0.5 gals. (2 L) of anti-freeze is required.


7. Place the override switch in the ON position to bypass the low water shutdown. 

8. Before starting the engine, check the area in the path of the discharge fitting on the manifold. Ensure the area is clear. Anti-freeze will be discharged from the discharge fitting during this procedure. 

9. Start the engine.

10. With the engine idling, gently feather the clutch by applying light pressure to the clutch handle in the engagement direction. Watch the plungers move back and forth slowly until anti-freeze is discharged from the manifold port.

11. Once anti-freeze has been discharged from the discharge port, disengage the clutch and shut off the engine.

12. Remove the funnel assembly from the suction port and reconnect the suction hose.

13. Disconnect the water lubrication lines from the stuffing boxes and drain the lines.

14. (Charge pump-equipped units) Disconnect the discharge hose (as shown below) on the charge pump.  Drain the water from the hose and reconnect.

15. Rinse the anti-freeze completely off of the unit.

16. Ensure the supply water piping system is protected against freezing.



Let our professionals at Jetstream help you prepare your water blasting equipment for the coming winter weather. Contact us to schedule your equipment winterization service with our expertly trained technicians. If you’d prefer to talk to one of our team members, give us a call at 800.231.8192. We’d love to hear from you to help you protect and maintain your equipment for the winter and throughout the year.