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About Jetstream


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Jetstream of Houston, LLP, a division of Federal Signal Corporation (NYSE:FSS), manufactures and distributes industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment used at pressures up to 40,000 psi (2750 bar).

Maintaining one of the largest inventories of waterblasting equipment in North America, we offer a complete line of skid and trailer-mounted pump units, control guns, valves, hoses, fittings, replacement parts, and nozzles – in stock and ready to ship when you need them.

A pioneer in industrial cleaning and surface prep solutions

Founded in 1976, Jetstream has pioneered the development of many products now considered industry standards:

  • UNx™ water blast pumps – still the easiest to operate and maintain
  • Replaceable cartridge for guns and control valves
  • Guardian Filtration System™
  • Orbi-Jet™ self-rotating surface cleaning nozzle
  • RotoMag™ 2D pipe cleaning nozzle
  • H3Orbiter™ 3D tank cleaning nozzle
  • MagJet™ X40 self-rotating 40,000 psi cleaning nozzle
  • J-Force™ pipe cleaning nozzle
  • Swivel X15 and X22 - 15,000 and 20,000 psi adjustable speed pipe cleaning nozzle
  • MagDart™ X40 - 40,000 psi pipe cleaning nozzle

Jetstream’s mission: be the best

Over the years, Jetstream has grown in scope and operation, but our mission remains the same: to serve our customers as the best and most responsive company in the water blast equipment industry, offering the best design and manufacturing, productivity, safety, ease of operation and maintenance, value and quality in the industry.

Today, Jetstream has distributors around the world and is an integral part of the Environmental Solutions Group of the Federal Signal Corporation which also includes:

Guzzler Manufacturing

Guzzler is the name industrial cleaning contractors and other industry professionals turn to for industrial vacuum loaders. Guzzler has been building and improving industrial vacuum equipment for more than 40 years. In addition to a full line of industrial vacuum trucks, Guzzler offers the parts, service, training and industry expertise customers have come to expect from the Guzzler brand. Reliable and durable, a Guzzler vacuum truck is an investment for the long haul. 

Vactor Manufacturing

Vactor Manufacturing is the industry leader in sewer cleaners and catch basin cleaners, jetters, industrial vacuum loaders and vacuum excavation equipment featuring innovative technology and custom-configurable designs. Vactor has applied its innovation and expertise in pneumatics and high-pressure water blasting to meet the growing needs for safe and productive non-destructive excavation.

Elgin Sweeper

Elgin Sweeper products are the sweepers of choice for a variety of general street maintenance, special industrial and airport applications. With 100 years of experience, Elgin Sweeper offers municipalities, contractors and various industries the most sweeper options in the country, using the latest sweeping technologies—mechanical, pure vacuum, regenerative air, alternative fuel and waterless dust control.

FS Solutions

FS Solutions provides industrial vacuum cleaning expertise and products to industrial cleaning contractors and other industry professionals. With nearly 100 years of collective experience in industrial vacuum loading, sewer and catch basin cleaning, vacuum excavation and industrial high-pressure water blasting, FS Solutions offers unsurpassed expertise and a unique breadth of product lines and trusted brands to meet the needs of industrial cleaning contractors, as well as professionals working in construction, demolition and underground utilities.

Westech Vac Ltd.

For over two decades Westech Vac has established a reputation for listening to our customers’ needs and we’ve earned the distinction of being Canada’s largest mobile vacuum tank manufacturer.

Joe Johnson Equipment

Joe Johnson Equipment is Canada’s largest, and one of North America’s leading infrastructure-maintenance equipment suppliers. JJE proudly serves municipalities, contractors, haulers and industrial companies in Canada and the U.S. JJE has a long-standing reputation for distributing industry-leading products through its national branch network with a keen focus on customer support.

MRL Equipment Company

MRL manufactures quality built highly productive Traffic Paint, Thermoplastic, Plural Component, Line Removal/Pavement Grooving equipment and Rumble Strip Cutting trucks. Since 1967, MRL’s extensive “hands-on” pavement marking contracting experience, innovative engineering, and attention to quality has enabled MRL to become the largest equipment supplier to the industry.


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