Signature Tooling

Superior Performance.
Minimum Downtime.

Jetstream’s premium Signature Tool Series is made in the USA to tackle all of the most difficult waterblasting jobs with our proprietary quick-rebuild designs and groundbreaking innovation. Our Signature series is the answer when the task is too tough for any other tool.

The use of high-pressure waterblasting has increased in a wide variety of industrial applications. Pressures used typically range from 5,000 to 40,000psi depending on the application and material needed to clean. A benefit of using waterblasting equipment is the low impact it has on the environment.

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Tube Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
J-Force™ X22
Pipe Cleaning
Magdart™ X40
Pipe Cleaning
Magjet™ X40
Surface Cleaning
Orbi-jet™ X22
Surface Cleaning
Rotomag™ X22
Tank Cleaning
FXG2 Tornado Gun
Surface cleaning