Aquajet Hydro Demoliton Products

Cutting Edge Hydrodemolition

Aquajet has been the leading inventor and provider of hydrodemolition technology since the nineteen-eighties. Aquajet has designed the most efficient and cost effective hydrodemolition units available in the market. The flexible and upgradeable Aqua Cutter robots have been developed to be diesel propelled or electrically driven and have the ability to utilize an extensive line of accessories.

Increase your productivity and safety in industrial cleaning, surface preparation, and concrete repair with Aquajet’s innovative and highly versatile hydrodemolition technology. All Aqua Cutter robots maintain a preset distance between the nozzle and surface, ensuring no loss of demolition power. The unique 3D positioning system and industry-leading reach allow for concrete removal on vertical, horizontal, and overhead surfaces.

* Available for rent only. Find an FS Solutions branch near you and talk to a representative to start your hydro-demolition job.

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