Food Processing

Waterblasting eats away at build up and contamination

Food processing equipment such as conveyors, tanks, pipes, evaporators and roasters require clean-in-place solutions that operate efficiently without leaving chemical residues. Ultra-high pressure water pumps and tools like Jetstream’s reliable and innovative UNx Pumps and Signature Tooling provide the perfect answer to the challenges of tight production schedules and rigorous health and safety standards. Jetstream’s patented water bearing tool designs do not rely on oil lubrication, eliminating the risk of oil contamination in the event of a seal failure and ensuring a hygienic cleaning. Waterblasting is especially appropriate for processing plants that deal with clogged piping, contaminated tanks, or blockages of solids and debris in conveyor belts, among other challenges unique to every plant. For each of these jobs Jetstream Signature Tools and UNx Fluid Ends offer the efficiency and power to clean effectively and keep plants running optimally.

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