Twinforce Series


The TwinForce™ Series is engineered to outperform other high-flow units by integrating two waterblasting systems on a compact trailer. The dual pump design provides operators with a multi-functional system for maximum productivity and flexibility in the field. The TwinForce™ Series is built for a wide range of high-flow applications, including hydro-demolition, tube and line cleaning, 2D/3D tank cleaning, railcar cleaning, and more with proven UNx™ fluid end technology for extended operation and reduced maintenance downtime.

TwinForce™ Series units are available in two models built around Jetstream’s 5200 Series or 4200 Series UNx™ pumps. The pumps are mounted on a custom integrated trailer with a low deck height. The pumps can be operated separately at various pressure ranges from 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi, or connected with a Multi Unit Manifold to direct the flow from each pump to a single high flow task.

Key Specs
  • Maximum Power: 800 hp
  • Dual independent triplex plunger pumps
  • 29.4 gpm at 40,000 psi (112 l/min at 2750 bar)
  • 180.8 gpm at 6,800 psi (684 l/min at 469 bar)
  • 28,200 lbs dry GVWR, tongue weight 3900 LBS
  • Unit Dimensions: 391” x 101” x 114” (L x W x H)
Key Features
  • Jetstream UNx™ Fluid End system for fast, in-the-field conversions from low to high operating pressures
  •  Operate pumps simultaneously for high-flow applications, run each pump at different pressures for different tasks, or run a single pump with the second pump as a back-up.
  • Integrated trailer provides improved onsite towing and lower center of gravity
  • On-board high-efficiency water filtration and Multi-Unit Manifold to combine output
  • Twin engine panels control engine rpm from either side of the trailer

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