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Surface Cleaning Solutions

Prep Without The Hassle

When it comes to cleaning hard surfaces like asphalt, concrete, or metal, water-blasting is a dependable option that ensures the surface’s structural integrity remains intact throughout the cleaning process. Through the use of high-pressure waterblasting, surfaces can be efficiently prepped and cleaned, removing rust, old coatings, product residue, or even damaged concrete before re-pouring. This method is particularly effective for preparing surfaces for fresh coatings or re-pouring, as it thoroughly cleans and preps the surface without causing damage or compromising its structural integrity.

Additionally, surface preparation with water-blasting can revitalize a surface, allowing new coatings to adhere perfectly. That’s why more and more contractors are turning to Jetstream for advanced waterblasting equipment that utilizes innovative water-bearing technology, magnetic braking designs, and reliable performance you can count on.

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