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Hydrodemolition (also known as hydro demolition, hydroblasting, hydro blasting, hydromilling, water blasting, and waterjetting) is a technique that utilizes high-pressure water to remove deteriorated and sound concrete as well as asphalt and grout. It is effective in removing concrete from around embedded metal elements such as reinforcing steel, expansion joints, anchorages, conduits, shear connectors, and shear studs without damaging them. The process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications.

Hydrodemolition offers a number of environmental benefits compared to other methods of concrete removal. It creates no dust pollution, reduces noise pollution, and the water used during the process can be collected after use to minimise any risk of contamination. Recent technological innovations allow the process of water to be cleaned and reused after hydrodemolition.


Industry Primary Use Pressures (psi)
Construction Surface preparation, structural repair, and reconditioning of bridge decks and substructures, parking structures, dams and spillways, water treatment facilities, tunnels and aqueducts, nuclear power plants, piers and docks, stadiums, warehouses, transfer stations, and retaining walls 10,000 to 40,000 


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