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Jetstream of Houston, LLP, a leading manufacturer of industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment, parts and accessories, has increased the maximum power input for its 3000 Series UNx™ bareshaft pump to 200 hp (149 kW). To correspond with the boost in horsepower, Jetstream also developed larger plunger sizes for the pump, which is now able to achieve a flow rate of 7.6 gpm (28.8 lpm) at 40,000 psi (2,758 bar). This offers contractors greater power for a more diverse range of industrial cleaning and surface preparation jobs, and an ideal flow rate for single-operator setups.

“We’re constantly enhancing our waterblasting equipment to offer solutions that provide the optimal combination of power, pressure and flow rate to match the growing number of waterblasting applications,” said Jetstream product and marketing manager Jordan Koster. “This upgraded pump meets the global demand for high-power pumps in a compact size.”

Jetstream 3000 Series Pump

Now compatible with power input ranging from 80-200 horsepower (60-149 kW), the 3000 Series pump is well-suited for tasks that demand advanced capabilities without sacrificing space. The pump can produce pressures ranging from 6,800-40,000 psi (469-2,758 bar) and offers the ability to quickly change between operating pressures in the field with Jetstream’s proven fluid end design. The 3000 Series is a triplex pump featuring three plungers available in varying diameters to produce the optimal flow rate for a full range of waterblasting jobs.

Paired with Jetstream’s FXG2 Tornado Gun, the 3000 Series delivers 40,000 psi for surface preparation. The Tornado Gun features an air-powered motor that regulates rotation speed of the nozzle head and a quick-change cartridge for reliable operation and easy maintenance in the field. This signature Jetstream tool demolishes plaster faster than chipping, finishing in hours what chipping would take days to accomplish. It is also highly efficient for paint booth and tank cleaning as well as coating and stripe removal.


“Waterblasting is gaining in popularity for pool resurfacing applications and the 3000 Series pump upgrade addresses that market in particular,” said Koster. “Together with our FXG2 Tornado Gun and incorporated into our X-Series units, this combination makes fast work of plaster removal and easily adapts to other surface preparation jobs.”

Jetstream 3000 Series PumpJetstream offers the 3000 Series pump as a standalone product, paired with an electric motor mounted on a skid or integrated into its X-Series waterblasting unit lineup for a complete system including a diesel engine. These units are available in convertible skid or trailer format and are meticulously engineered to minimize maintenance and boost uptime for waterblasting jobs. The X-Series features electronic throttle control, a hand-adjustable bypass valve, pilot bearing-free PTOs, covered banded belt drives and a Guardian™ Waterblast Filtration System to extend component life and increase uptime.

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