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In response to strong customer demand, Jetstream of Houston, LLP, a leading manufacturer of industrial high-pressure waterblasting equipment, parts and accessories, is expanding its rental capacity with two new fulfillment and product service centers in Aurora, Colorado and Tampa, Florida. The centers join 10 existing rental facilities operating across the U.S. under the brand name FS Solutions to offer Jetstream products. Additionally, both new locations will provide service for Jetstream equipment and training on how to use it.

Like all FS Solutions stores, these new rental hubs will expand rental service by reducing shipping expenses and related travel time, as well as lowering rental costs overall. All Jetstream customers in these regions, including those who buy, will enjoy increased access to hands-on product training, speedier deliveries and maintenance services.

Customers can choose from a vast array of waterblasting units, signature tools, pumps, fluid ends, and automated equipment powered by Jetstream pumps. The majority of Jetstream’s rental units and pumps are less than three years old, and every rental customer will receive high-quality equipment.

“Demand for our products is through the roof so it’s very satisfying when we can provide faster and more efficient service to those who rent, lease or own our products,” said Jetstream product and marketing manager Jordan Koster. “The closer you are to the customer, the easier it is to build strong relationships and consistently meet their business needs. That’s why we’re working on plans to open even more rental centers further down the road. Stay tuned.”

Koster described the Colorado facility as a “one-stop shop” for industrial heavy equipment, like a Federal Signal outlet mall. Hence, it deals in Federal Signal brands, including but not limited to Elgin street sweepers, Vactor sewer cleaners, Trackless Vehicles, Labrie garbage trucks, TRUVAC vacuum trucks and of course, Jetstream waterblasting equipment. With the nearest FS Solutions location in Salt Lake City, this will be a major improvement for customers in the Denver area and surrounding region. Seasoned rental industry veteran Greg Wurster leads the store. He arrives with a wealth of experience from Precision Rental and Titan Machinery.

The second store is in Tampa, Florida. This will reduce shipping costs and improve convenience for customers in that region, as well. Jetstream’s decision to open a new rental hub in Florida was accelerated after they acquired Tampa-based Blasters earlier this year. Blasters refurbishes preowned waterblasting units and manufactures its signature Liquidator system for removing paint stripes and runway rubber. The store is managed by Clay Parker. Prior to this, Parker was Blasters’ vice president of parts and sales.

“These expansions allow us to better serve our existing customers and reach new clients,” Koster said. “I’ve had customers, particularly in Florida, nudging us to do this for a while, so it’s an exciting move.”

This is all part of Jetstream’s firm commitment to constant growth and improvement.