Now Partners With Derc Salotech

Oct 31, 2023 | News

Automated Waterblasting Tools Partnerships with the Industry’s Best 





Jetstream is happy to announce we have partnered with Derc Salotech to provide industrial cleaning contractors with: 

  • The broadest offering of hands-free industrial cleaning solutions 
  • Innovative automated and robotic tools and accessories 
  • Robotic and mechanical hydrodemolition solutions 
  • Application and safety training 

Who Is DERC Salotech? 

Derc Salotech offers total solutions, systems, and all necessary accessories for high pressure water jetting. With 37 years of dedication to the high-pressure water jetting technology for industrial cleaning and surface preparation, Salotech is a quality partner for professionals all over the world. DERC Salotech services thousands of customers and organizations in more than 40 countries. As an original water jetting equipment manufacturer, Salotech continuously designs, develops, and produces new products and innovations that will make your job easier, safer, and more effective. 

What Is the Derc MagTrack? 

The MagTrack is an electrically driven magnetic crawler, suitable for multi-purpose applications. MagTrack is a modular system that is built around a universal carrier. The crawlers are designed to be used on flat and slightly curved steel surfaces. Depending on the application, the carrier can easily be fitted with a full range of modular tools. All water jetting tools work with high pressure jets up to 3000 bar. The MagTrack allows for quick and efficient cleaning, washing, and surface preparation with cleaning capabilities of up to 1500ft2 per hour. 


  • Surface Preparation 
  • Oil Storage Tank Cleaning 
  • Industrial Cleaning and Washing 
  • Cargo Cleaning 
  • Abrasive Blasting 
  • Inspection 
  • Waterjet Cutting 


What Is the Derc Abrasive Cutting System? 

The DERC Abrasive Water Jet Cutting System is designed and manufactured for industrial cold cutting applications with ultra-high-pressure water. The system consists of a cold cutting head which is moved over a track (magnetic or optional vacuum) by the power head. The power head is driven by an air engine and can move over the track (straight or curved objects). The same power head drives over the pipe bands used for pipe cutting as well. 

Available Options for the Abrasive Cutting System: 

  • Radius Cutter (2 – 18”) 
  • Manhole Cutter (18” – 31.5”) 
  • Pipe Bands for Cutting Pipes (8” – 24” standard, other sizes on request) 
  • Internal Pipe Cutter  


This equipment is available for rent and purchase. Find a representative near you for more information and to schedule a demo. 

Plan for 2024 Waterblasting Equipment Needs

Plan for 2024 Waterblasting Equipment Needs

Taking advantage of year-end tax deductions and special financing is a great way to make the most of your budget dollars as you invest in new equipment to drive your company forward in the new year.

Setting High Safety Standards

Setting High Safety Standards

When it comes to waterblasting and handling water jets powerful enough to cut through the toughest plaster or pipe buildup, setting the highest safety standards is of the utmost importance.

Introducing the 2000 Series

Introducing the 2000 Series

The smallest pump in Jetstream’s now seven-series line, the 2000 Series was developed as a compact option for industrial applications and offers minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency for jobs ranging from rig washing, petrochemical cleaning, hydrostatic testing, chemical injection, food processing and more.