Why contractors should switch from sandblasting to waterblasting

New technology has transformed surface preparation methods and waterblasting is at the forefront. Waterblasting offers a host of benefits over the common traditional method of sandblasting, ranging from an improved surface profile to health and environmental benefits. Here are a few of the reasons a switch to waterblasting can boost your bottom line:

  1. Cleaner surface profile: Sandblasting creates an entirely new surface finish profile and traps contaminants within tiny valleys on the surface. On the other hand, waterblasting restores surfaces back to their original profile, creating a perfectly clean finish that is ready for resurfacing. Ultimately, waterblasting elevates surface prep to provide a quality finish and efficient overall process.
  2. Less hazardous waste: Sandblasting creates a significantly higher amount of hazardous waste than waterblasting. When sandblasting a pool, many contractors end up making 2-3 trips to the waste facility each day, meaning less time working and additional expenses such as fuel, labor hours and hazardous waste disposal fees. With waterblasting, many contractors collect the wastewater and allow it to evaporate, then dispose of remaining residue, cutting trips to dispose of material to once per week.
  3. Easier access to materials: Finding water is cheaper and easier than industrial grade sandblasting media such as aluminum oxide, garnet or steel grit for blasting. When it comes to budget, a 50-pound bag of aluminum oxide can cost around $70, while an equivalent volume of tap water costs only about $0.20 – a more than 99% cost savings.
  4. No dust: Every year, people are diagnosed with lung cancer that can be linked to silica dust exposure from jobs that create airborne concrete dust such as concrete cutting and sandblasting. Add in other serious risks, including irreversible scarring of the lungs, kidney disease and pulmonary disease, and the need to mitigate exposure and risk is clear. Waterblasting provides an immediate benefit over sandblasting as it eliminates silica dust contamination, providing your team with cleaner and safer air.
  5. Cutting edge technology: For some applications, waterblasting offers automated technology to increase safety and boost productivity. Magnetic carriers like the MagTrack can be programmed to efficiently remove coatings from magnetic surfaces while operators control the robot from up to 100 feet away. This method significantly reduces the risk of injury from high-pressure water and hoses.Jetstream Automated Waterblasting Cleaning

Looking to the future

As technology continues to advance and change, contractors can boost their bottom line by adopting new methods with proven benefits. Let Jetstream help you make the transition from sandblasting to the safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly waterblasting. While the initial investment to make the switch may be more than what it takes to get into sandblasting, the long-term benefits can quickly contribute to a lasting ROI.