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Bringing a component part into a repair shop can be a long process with expensive downtime. At Jetstream, we avoid this issue by designing our Signature Series waterblasting tools and nozzles for simplified maintenance. Fewer parts equal fewer potential problems, reducing the likelihood of a malfunction and helping you get the job done on time. Rooted at the core of our success is a dedication to simplicity.

Tool Time

Instead of requiring dozens of small parts to function properly, the Jetstream product line offers a simplified, low-maintenance design that reduces downtime for users. One example of that simplicity is our J-Force Series of self-powered rotating nozzles designed to efficiently clean two-inch to six-inch diameter pipes with 90° bends. It accomplishes this perpendicular feat with only 12 parts plus the nozzle inserts — none of these parts are bearings that need to be replaced.

For those with tank and vessel cleaning applications, we offer the H3Orbiter, a cutting-edge 3D waterblasting tool that uses two axes of rotation to efficiently clean tanks, rail cars, containers, ships and more. To replace the high-pressure seals, operators simply remove four screws and use a seal puller tool to remove the worn part. This easy fix only takes 5-10 minutes and can be completed in the field, which makes the H3Orbiter one of the most user-friendly tools of its kind.

No Oil Needed

Tools using lubricants for braking effect are prone to burnout and difficult to maintain. Changing speeds with different fluids is a messy and tedious process. To improve on that design, the Jetstream team engineered our signature tools to rely on water bearing technology and magnetic, eddy current braking, which removes the need to keep other fluids on hand or maintain conventional bearings.

One tool that eliminates the need for oil braking systems by using a simpler magnetic, eddy current brake is our Orbi-Jet X22 for 20,000 psi surface cleaning applications. It’s a powerful, self-rotating tool that delivers high-pressure cleaning performance. The simple design allows for quick, 5-minute rebuilds that can be completed with just two hex wrenches.

Durability, Easy Maintenance

The ability to repair equipment on the jobsite is essential to minimizing downtime. All that’s necessary to replace parts on Jetstream tools is an Allen wrench, crescent wrench, and a hammer. All Jetstream signature tools, such as the J-Force and H3Orbiter, are American-made at our headquarters in Houston where our products are engineered with integrity, prioritizing simple upkeep.

These high-quality parts stand the test of time because of their durability and superior design. We produce them at our factory, with advanced machining and meticulous inspection done in-house to maximize quality control. Jetstream parts serve as a tangible reflection of both our customers and the demanding nature of the work they undertake—remarkably resilient. Every tool we manufacture, from the 40,000 psi surface cleaning FXG2 Tornado Gun, to the ROTOMAG X22 pipe and tank cleaner, embodies a commitment to longevity and dependability.

Strength in Efficiency

One crucial aspect of efficient maintenance is expedient delivery of replacement parts. As the demand for high-pressure waterblasting tools and parts has surged across a wide range of industrial sectors, so has the importance of keeping a well-stocked inventory. When a customer needs a part, our well-organized logistical network provides quick response.

Whether you use your waterblasting tools for tank cleaning, surface preparation or removing buildup from pipes or tubes, we know you work hard and can’t afford to waste time. That’s why it’s important to have tools that minimize maintenance so you can maximize uptime and keep your jobs running on schedule.